Human beings have heard the myths and legends from the beginning of our existence. How the world began. How the world will end. Why we’re all here. Many of these “stories” have become the basis of today’s organized religions and influenced governmental systems around the world.

But who planted the seeds of these “stories”, and why? The concept of the Death of The Illuminati is that these “stories” of good versus evil and God and Satan were communicated to us from beings beyond our knowledge. Maybe these beings were from another dimension or planet that we as humans have not been privileged to view or even know about…UNTIL NOW!!

Even today there are a certain privileged few beings, right here on our earth, that have knowledge of things that you could not even imagine. They are genetic hybrids of extraterrestrial origin. They are wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, and they have unbelievable power. Power to hurt or reward. Power to control. Power to take whatever they wish. Power that has been handed down to them for thousands of years. They have been mentally and psychically controlling our minds and wills for countless generations without care or concern.

They are the reptilians. Shape-shifters that can appear as humans. Even the Bible depicts evil as a snake, a “reptile.” They have started our wars, influenced the media, and even used medicine to lie to us, hurt us, and make us their slaves.We must fear them.  We must defeat them.  We must destroy them.They are the “enlightened ones”. They are the ILLUMINATI!