The protagonist

BALZAK:(Pronounced bail-zack)
The pseudo-villain, and commander of the reptilian forces that came to earth thousands of years ago
and indoctrinated humankind into a belief and value system that has brainwashed and enslaved them for thousands of years.

The great hope!
David only sees and hears him
in his dreams.

One of the reptilian “puppets” to help keep humans confused and in fear.

The story is told from many different perspectives, and performed by Passion For Power!

These are the players:

Tom Lapp – Composer / Keyboards / Vocals
Tom was born in a little log cabin that he built himself. He was classically trained by the Polyberlinishkoff Conservatory of Music in Switzerland, and also earned his PhD in Theoretical / Astro Physics at Cern, Switzerland. Now, all joking aside; Tom has never even been to Switzerland, but he saw it on the world map a few times, he does own a clock, and he loves chocolate and Swiss cheese. For real, Tom has been playing piano since the age of 3. He is formally trained in various styles of piano, keyboards, organ and composition. He has a natural discipline in vocal training. Tom has played in various Rock bands throughout the Midwest before creating Passion For Power and developing Death of the Illuminati.

Jim Kiefer – Bass/Guitar
Originally from Peoria, IL, Jim started playing guitar around the age of 8. He learned a lot from his Dad, a man that could play many different instruments. Jim started playing bass guitar around the age of 16, when he realized there were not many bassists available. Self-taught, he was heavily influenced by the great rock sounds from the 80′s. He created 2 popular bands starting in 1972 and again in 1978. In the early to mid 80′s, he formed the band EXIT that was highly successful throughout the Midwest. Their CD “Distressed” got a lot of local airtime and as a result they opened shows for countless national acts for years. He is honored to be playing with some of the best musicians in SW Florida with Passion For Power, and feels he has truly found his niche.
Jim prefers using Washburn bass guitars and Ampeg SVT bass rigs

Hank Hinojosa – Organ/Keyboard
Enrique (Hank) Hinojosa started playing music about age 8, on of all things an accordion. He changed to a compact organ the Farfisa and Vox Continental organ as he developed his musical skills. Hank has played with several small self-started bands in the Toledo, Ohio area, opened one night for “little Eva” at the peppermint lounge in Toledo, and then opened for the “Buckinghams”, just before Uncle Sam sent him to Vietnam. He has always been a great fan of Jimmy Smith and Booker T and the MG’s. Hank has now been playing for 50+ years and still loves rock and roll.

Donny Vosburgh –Drums
The Groove Master, Donny Vosburgh’s credits read like an anthology of the best of American music. He has performed with some of the country’s most influential artists, including James Brown, Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions, Iron Butterfly, Cactus, Thee Image, Alice Cooper and the Grammy Award winning band, Blues Image with their number one hit “Ride Captain Ride.” After such an extensive career in one of the toughest businesses, Vosburgh moved back to Florida from the West Coast in July 2010 to be closer to his family — and perhaps even enjoy some well-earned relaxation. But it is obvious Vosburgh has no plans to slow down any time soon.

Bill Zink – Guitar
Bill has been playing guitar since he was 9 yrs old. His early influences include Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Ronnie Montrose as well as Lindsey Buckingham, Mark Knopfler, Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed. Later, after seeing Stevie Ray Vaughan perform in Boston in ’87 he immersed himself in the “Blues,” his major influences being SRV, Clapton, Ronnie Earl, and Freddy King. He has performed in many bands throughout his life and is currently performing in various bands as well as his own successful solo act in Southwest Florida. He also performs on occasion with his daughter, pianist and vocalist Meagan Rose.

Linda Murray – Vocals
Singer/Songwriter Linda Murray grew up in a small suburb outside of Philadelphia PA and was heavily influenced by the folk era of the 70′s. Although a little young for Woodstock, she followed artists like Joni Mitchell, Jackson Brown and James Taylor. They inspired her to learn piano and guitar and eventually to begin writing her own songs. Linda started her career singing and playing guitar on Philadelphia street corners with local musicians. She progressed from the street corners to some of the early clubs of Philadelphia’s legendary South Street music venue in the late 70′s/early 80′s. Linda moved to Florida and stepped back from her music to raise her son and daughter. She continued to sing, only this time in church choirs which lead her to join an 8 piece women’s A cappella group, performing at churches and medieval fairs.

Sibylle Baumgartner – Vocals
Classically trained in Munich, Germany and Bremen, Germany, Sibylle is both a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (recorders, Orff instruments, percussion, piano). While her formal education was in Baroque, Renaissance and International folk music, Sibylle ventured off into jazz, pop, show tunes, new age music and medieval music and taught herself the various complexities of each. She has been playing and singing music ever since age 6 and has performed in a Medieval rock band, as well as the Bonita Springs Recorder Consor, the Dulce Tones, Concordia, Celtic Calamity, Pretty Little Shoes, The Irish Session Players of South Florida, Sweet Band, and many other choirs and groups around